About Dr.Altdorfer

I am a board certified radiation oncologist specializing in advanced, targeted radiation therapy. I joined Camden-Clark Physician Corporation in 2008, because the Radiation Oncology Department at Camden-Clark Medical Center offers advanced equipment and technology in the Mid-Ohio Valley complemented by highly skilled and compassionate radiation therapists, physicists, nurses and office personnel. Becoming part of WVU medicine and WVU Cancer Institute means that cancer patients benefit from an integrated cancer delivery system with convenient access to cancer specialist physicians and cancer services and clinical trials.  

My philosophy is that no two patients are alike. I give each patient personal attention and support throughout their treatment. I work closely with the referring physicians keeping them updated of the patients’ progress. I strive for the best outcome and possibly cure. I design the radiation treatments with special care with the help of expert physicist, using a wide spectrum of treatment options including body-radiosurgery (SBRT),  4D-CT simulation and respiratory gating, deep inspiration breath hold technique, etc. Respiratory gating saves the normal lung from incidental radiation exposure when treating lung cancer. Using respiratory gating we monitor treatment accuracy during radiotherapy, thus minimizing incidental dose to lung and heart.  

As the medical director of radiation oncology at Camden-Clark Comprehensive Community Cancer Center, I am constantly looking for new radiation treatment options for my patients. I started the Stereotactic Spine Radiosurgery Program (Spine-SRS) and the Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery (SBRT) program. With radiosurgery I can treat spine metastases, primary or metastatic lung cancer, liver metastases, pancreas cancer, prostate cancer and other tumors in 1 to 5 treatment days only.  I have been treating high risk lung cancer patients with body-radiosurgery (patients with lung tumors in close proximity to the mediastinum, heart or the aorta – patients who are not surgical candidates).

I serve as the Liaison Physician for the Commission on Cancer for Camden-Clark Medical Center. I am proud that I can practice in a Community Comprehensive Cancer Center that offers the very best health care, a patient-centered high-tech environment, a wide range of support services, providing a level of patient care that is hard to match anywhere.

Gabor Altdorfer, M.D.

Medical Director of Radiation Oncology

Camden-Clark Comprehensive Community Cancer Center

Parkersburg, WV