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Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery Program at Camden-Clark Medical Center - March 2010

​Stereotactic body radiosurgery (SBRT) is derived from the techniques of stereotactic brain radiosurgery. It utilizes multiple finely collimated radiation beams and stereotactic treatment accuracy to deliver one to five high-dose radiation treatments to an extra-cranial target in the body. SBRT has been utilized to treat tumors in the liver, lung, spine, pancreas and prostate amongst other sites.

Safe   and  effective  high-dose  radiation   treatment  of  spinal and  para-spinal tumors  with  SBRT  are the most  challenging. To  develop  the radiation treatment plan  we electronically fuse the diagnostic MRI with the planning CT images  obtained after proper  immobilization of the patients. The treatment position is then confirmed by “On-Board” kV-kV XR imaging or Cone-beam CT imaging prior to delivering the treatment.

Accurate verification of the target’s location in liver or lung SBRT is achieved by inserting markers into or near the tumor. The location of the tumor is then verified by cone-beam computed tomography (CB-CT) before delivering the Radiosurgical treatment with the Varian Trilogy linear accelerator.

Respiratory-induced target motion is a concern in lung SBRT. We offer the most accurate treatment for our patients at CCMC. First we obtain a 4-dimensional CT to account for the patient’s breathing motion in real-time to outline the target volume. The lung tumor position is verified by CB-CT before the actual treatment delivery. During the treatment the patient position is monitored in real time with the Varian Respiratory Gated Radiotherapy System.

Body radiosurgery is one of the most complex radiation therapy treatments. Dr. Altdorfer has nine years personal experience with body radiosurgery. Since he established the SBRT program at CCMC in 2010 more then 50 patients were successfully treated essentially without side effects. Very high rates  of  local tumor  control  were  achieved.  Such successful program is only possible by the team work of expert physicists, experienced  dosimetrists, therapists  and  nurses.

The administration of CCMC has  been always very supportive of the radiation  oncology  department  by constantly updating our  treatment  planning  and  delivery systems  and  providing training for our team, so we can offer cutting edge technology radiation treatment services  for our patients.

​Gabor Altdorfer, M.D.

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