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Dr. Altdorfer is constantly looking for new radiation treatment options for his patients. He develops individualized treatment plans for each of his patients using his extensive experience in a wide spectrum of radiation treatment options, including IMRT, IGRT, brain SRS, body SBRT, 3D and 4D-CT simulation, respiratory gating, LDR and HDR brachytherapy, non-sealed radioisotope administration, etc.

Dr. Altdorfer completed his medical studies at Semmelweis University School of Medicine in Budapest and residency and fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in Hungary and received board certification in Gynecology as well as Clinical Oncology in Hungary. He went on to a research fellowship to study chemotherapy induced human DNA damage and repair at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. Then he chooses radiotherapy instead of gynecological oncology because of his special interest in brachytherapy and completes the radiation oncology residency program at University of Texas HSCSA. He received radiation oncology board certification in 1999 from the American Board of Radiology.                                                 

He has helped his partners building their private practice in Lafayette Louisiana, where he was the first physician to perform prostate seed implant and also the first to perform Mammosite breast HDR. He also treated breast cancer patients with intraoperative radiation treatment using the Intrabeam device. These successful brachytherapy programs  were unavailable to the patients before he joined the practice. Later he worked at the Regional Cancer Center in Florida, where he spearheaded the development of the Gyn HDR Program, was instrumental in developing the Image Guided Radiation Therapy Program and introduced skin-HDR in the department's practice. 

In 2008 he joined the Camden-Clark Medical Center (CCMC). Based on his training and clinical experience he started the Stereotactic Spine Radiosurgery Program (Spine-SRS) in 2009. Then Dr. Altdorfer established the Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery (SBRT) Program in 2010, treating lung, liver, pancreas and other tumors in only 3 to 5 days.

In  2011  he launched the Prostate-HDR Brachytherapy Program at CCMC offering precisely targeted prostate radiotherapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer, as an alternative to permanent seed implant Prostate-HDR brachytherapy is an excellent option even for some of those patients who are not candidates for prostate seed implant. In 2012 Dr. Altdorfer started the 5-day-only breast radiation program using the Mammosite multi-lumen balloon applicator and the Nucletron-HDR treatment system.

Since early 2013, Dr. Altdorfer is treating high risk lung cancer patients with Radiosurgery - patients with tumors in close proximity to the mediastinum, who are not surgical candidates as per our thoracic surgeon. He is utilizing 4-dimensional CT-simulation, immobilization with the OMNI-V stereotactic system and uses daily Image Guided Radiosurgery. Dr. Altdorfer follows RTOG protocol guidelines to ensure patient safety.

In 2014 he stared a new program to treat selected patients with multiple brain metastases (up to 4 lesions) with IMRT-SRS in just one fraction with the Varian frameless stereotactic system. This technique spares the patient from the side effects of whole brain radiotherapy.

He is now facilitating the transition into a fully electronic department developing templates for the ARIA EMR.

Dr. Altdorfer serves as the 
Liaison Physician for the Commission on Cancer for Camden-Clark Medical Center since 2009. In this capacity he authored the 
Liaison Physician Annual Reports for CCMC Comprehensive Community Cancer Center over the past three years.  He is also member of the Internal Review Board and the Radiation Safety Board of Camden-Clark Medical Center.

In 2013 Dr.Altdorfer was appointed to Clinical Assistant Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. Dr. Altdorfer is a member of the American Society for Radiation Oncology. In recognition of his commitment to career-long continuing professional development, Dr. Altdorfer received the "American Medical Association Physician's Recognition Award with Commendation" in 2011.  

Dr. Altdorfer's professional Facebook page,
CancerForum now has 2,000+ followers  -  cancer patients, cancer survivors and their family members.

Dr. Altdorfer joined the
International Geriatric Oncology Group (IGRG) as a Founding Member in 2014. It is a consortium of European and American academic and private practice centers, devoted to the care of elderly cancer patients with advanced radiation technologies to reduce radiation toxicity. This international group will conduct prospective studies on multiple cancer sites in the elderly patients to improve patient quality of life. His interest and experience in minimally invasive HDR-brachytherapy procedures and non-invasive accelerated stereotactic body radiotherapy treatments demonstrated that elderly patients can also tolerate radiotherapy for cure or palliation with minimal toxicity. Dr. Altdorfer is a co-author of the most recent publications of the IGRG group.  

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Personal interests: sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, skiing with my family: 


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Meet Dr.Altdorfer
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