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Cancer Liaison Physician Report - Community Comprehensive Cancer Center 2013 Annual Report

In the “business of medicine” changes are required from time to time. The consolidation of the two campuses of Camden Clark Medical Center that started this year was a fundamental restructuring of medical services in the Mid-Ohio Valley. This merger and consolidation has strengthened the organization both clinically and financially.

The cancer committee’s main focus is to continue to improve cancer care in the community and to assist CCMC in maintaining its accreditation by the American College of Surgeon.  As the Liaison Physician for the American College of Surgeons, I am monitoring and evaluating the patient outcomes and I compare our survival data to the national statistics with help of our tumor registrars. I report quarterly to the cancer committee on the performance of our program using the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB). 


As part of our efforts, the Cancer Committee sponsors a weekly multidisciplinary cancer conference. It helps to improve and to coordinate patient care and it is a valuable educational opportunity for community physicians. The conference is approved to offer continued medical educational credits to its participants. We not only present the top five cancer sites but also present various types of cancer. Physicians involved represent medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, diagnostic radiology, pulmonology, gynecology oncology, etc.


The cancer committee remains focused on providing exceptional cancer care through prevention, early detection and treatment. We look forward to the future and will continue to strengthen our relationships, services and the success we experienced over this past year. Our vision is to be the first choice for cancer care in the region by transforming the cancer patient experience to convenience and comfort and personalized care.


We are proud to present to you the following CCMC annual report (link)


Gabor Altdorfer, MD                        
Radiation Oncologist
Physician Liaison
Cancer Committee


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