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2010 - Liaison Report

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Cancer Liaison Physician Report - Community Comprehensive Cancer Center 2010 Annual Report

Cancer Liaison Physician:   Gabor Altdorfer, MD, Radiation Oncologist 

Camden-Clark Community Comprehensive Cancer Center continued  to provide exceptional quality of care to our patients during 2010. It is evidenced by the excellent survival statistics that are periodically reviewed by the Cancer Committee.  
We compare our survival statistics to the National Cancer Data Base that compiles information submitted from all Comprehensive Cancer Centers across the US. Our cancer survival rates are comparable with or superior to the national averages as per the National Cancer Data Base. As an example, please find our current study on larynx cancer on the following pages showing about 10% better 5 year overall survival of patients treated at CCMH compared to other Comprehensive Community Cancer Centers of the North-East Region. 
We have an active Clinical Trials program at the Camden-Clark Community Comprehensive Cancer Center. Enrolling patients to national trials not only advances our knowledge of the effectiveness of new agents but also allows us to treat our patients with the latest chemotherapy combinations. 
Cutting edge radiation therapy services are available at the cancer center. Four dimensional computer tomography (4D-CT) is utilized to acquire images for treatment planning. This technology accounts for organ/tumor motion due to breathing during radiotherapy. Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT) delivery is very effective to treat tumors with irregular shape located close to normal organs.
Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) allows us to deliver radiation therapy with pinpoint accuracy. Real time optical monitoring and tracking of the patient’s position during radiotherapy reduces the effect of radiotherapy on bystander normal organs. Any patient movement outside defined tolerances is detected automatically and the therapist is notified to reposition the patient. By combining these cutting edge technologies at the Radiation Oncology Department we deliver the most efficient treatment in a very supportive and patient centered environment. The feedback we receive from our patients is very important to us.
The Cancer Committee sponsors our weekly lunch time Tumor Conferences. It is an excellent forum for our referring physicians to discuss challenging cases with the different medical specialists attending the meetings. It is also approved to provide continued educational credits (CME) for physicians and nurses.

We have a formal collaboration agreement with American Cancer Society and the Cancer Resource Center is now open in our cancer center. Contributing to the health and well being of the community through education, prevention, screening programs and modern cancer therapy remains our top priorities.

The word continues to spread patient to patient of the compassionate care available at Camden-Clark Comprehensive Community Cancer Center.
Gabor Altdorfer, M.D. 
Cancer Liaison Physician for the Commission on Cancer 
Camden-Clark Medical Center 


Click here to read the complete 2010 Annual Report of Camden-Clark Community Comprehensive Cancer Center

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