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2009 - Liaison Report
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Cancer Liaison Physician Report - Community Comprehensive Cancer Center 2009 Annual Report

Cancer Liaison Physician:
   Gabor Altdorfer, MD, Radiation Oncologist

This was a year of continued growth of our cancer program to serve Parkersburg and the Mid-Ohio Valley offering the most up-to-date cancer care.  In spite of extremely difficult economic times, the financial stability of Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital allowed us to add more services for cancer patients in our community.  The opening of the long awaited Women’s Center now allows us to offer digital mammography, ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy.  This milestone in expanding our Women’s Cancer Program allows patients to have a high quality one-stop diagnostic service.

Being a not-for-profit organization, Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital was able to maintain a financial stability and further expand the scope of radiation oncology services by expanding our Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Program.  This highly effective and minimally invasive technology was available to treat primary and metastatic lesions of the brain for many years at Camden-Clark, but recently a new protocol was established by Chandra Sekar, MD, utilizing frameless stereotactic immobilization with very high patient satisfaction due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure with the goal of further minimizing potential side effects of brain SRS, a very focused and very high dose radiation treatment modality.

Spearheaded by Gabor Altdorfer, M.D., Body Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Body SRS) recently became available to treat a wide variety of malignancies at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital.  Body SRS is a very sophisticated radiation therapy modality that delivers a very high dose of radiation with millimeter accuracy to treat primary or metastatic cancers of the lung, spine, pancreas, liver, adrenal kidney, amongst others. We are proud to report that patients do not have to travel any longer to Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Huntington, or Columbus for  Ciberknife or Gammaknife radiation therapy because with the recently upgraded Varian Trilogy machine offering brain and body stereotactic radiosurgery, Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital now offers comparable technology and effectiveness in a very patient friendly environment in our local community.

The stereotactic radiation treatments are prescribed and personally supervised by Dr. Sekar and Dr. Altdorfer, our board certified radiation oncologists by the American Board of Radiology, who have 45+ years of combined clinical experience treating malignancies.  They work closely with other cancer specialists in our community including medical oncologists, neurosurgeons, pulmonologists, urologists, gynecologists, surgeons, amongst others.  They offer 24/7 availability for patient consults referred from primary and family physicians and nurse practitioners to advise about the staging and to discuss the best treatment options of patients with a history of cancer.  Our highly trained, dedicated and compassionate nursing, technician and physics staff is an indispensable asset of our constantly expanding cancer program.  

A novel treatment planning protocol was established by our Chief Radiation Therapist and Cancer Center Director, Reinnie Leavitt, utilizing the upgraded CT-Simulator.  Now patients with lung cancer are imaged with a 4-dimensional CT, acquiring hundreds of images during all phases of the breathing cycle.  Following image acquisition, Dr. Sekar and Dr. Altdorfer outlines the lung tumor on each individual CT image slice to develop a very conformal treatment plan to minimize incidental radiation dose reaching the normal lung.  Using Respiratory Gating Technique on the Varian Trilogy treatment machine, it is now possible to treat patients with extremely poor pulmonary function, that was not possible in the past.  Such combination of advanced technologies is not available in any other oncology center within a 50 mile radius of Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital. Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital will continue to work toward the vision of being the first choice in cancer care in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Gabor Altdorfer, M.D.
Cancer Liaison Physician for the Commission on Cancer
Camden-Clark Medical Center

 The material appearing on this web site is for informational use only. It should not substitute for professional medical advice on diagnosis or treatment.

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